Signage and Large Format Printing

Every day advertising spaces become more limitless, and therefore creativity overflows to cover more square inches with advertising messages, carrying a homogeneous brand in each step of entrepreneurs and small businesses in their attempt to spread a message.

And it is there where technologies have played an important role in the way large format advertising is done.

We have prompt access to machinery and equipment such as:

  • Wide Format Printers with 8 colors for rolls up to 63”

  • Wide Format Printers with 6 Colors for rolls up to 16 Feet

  • Wide Format Printers with Cutting Capability included

  • Flat Printing Beds for substrates up to 1”

  • Flat Printing Beds for substrates up to 4”

  • Vinyl or Roll Cutters of 30, 48 and up to 63 Inches

  • CNC Rigid Material Cutters & Routers, with tangential cutting blades

  • Laser cutters for high precision cuts and engravings

With different crafted finishes and installation methods, the combination of these capabilities results in a wide variety of products and markets in which we can participate, especially in the search to adapt to the needs of our customers and trends.

We could do practically any type of marketing and signage for companies that have a physical location and want to attract the attention of their potential clients either by outside or inside. We can help to positioned brands, increase visibility on points of sale and increase massive attention.

For this we can use materials a variety of material like:

Banner Material, PVC, Coroplast, Styrene, Lexan, Acrylics, Glass, Natural Wood, Synthetic Wood, Aluminum, Aluminum Compounds, Cardboard, Honeycomb, Fabric, Paper, and any type of material that is achieved either in roll or surface flat.

The combination of materials enriches the universe of the marketing for your company, according to global trends, or even become a pioneers and avant-garde in new advertising models.

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Since 2009 we are Signs at Weston and it was created with the idea of being the marketing link for other small businesses

“I have dedicated my career to building and developing successful companies in many different business fields.”

Hussein El Fakih

Founder of SAW

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