A well-designed packaging is often described as the silent sales representative.

In SAW we create lightweight and shelves packaging for your products that deals with its nature, size, shape, color and the message printed on it and we produce them strong enough so that it can stand the strain of transportation and hanging, adequate to ensure a long shelf-life and suitable for display. Saw also provides the labels and the custom printed tape that draw attention to your package and alert handlers of special care needs.

From paper labels, vinyl digital decals, roll labels and boxes to product exhibitors or displays, everything to make sure the company your company stays relevant to a consumer’s life. Identifying your products or packages makes them personal and attractive, its make your client know that you care about what they think and that their expectations are pleased.

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Since 2009 we are Signs at Weston and it was created with the idea of being the marketing link for other small businesses

“I have dedicated my career to building and developing successful companies in many different business fields.”

Hussein El Fakih

Founder of SAW

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