Promotional Products

These are branded products, ideal for brand activation and brand reinforcement in any industry.

Practically any products could be considered part of this segment, however, here we want to separate those products that are massively printed, and that are normally used at events or company openings, where the product always has the brand printed on it, it’s a way to help the positioning and recall of that brand on its period right after activation.

It is also widely used at the post-sale moment, or during the event experience or to reinforce any point of contact between Client/Experience/Company.

Here we can offer:

Pens, Pencils, Notepads, Congress Folders, Bags, Totes, Chargers, Mouse Pads, Cups, Napkins, Water and Coffee Thermoses, Technological Accessories, Identification Bands, Lanyards ID Cards, Kitchen Accessories, ETC.

We can offer more than 20,000 Products, with very different methods of embellishment, ideal for positioning and reinforcing the brand in the different communication channels of the company.

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Since 2009 we are Signs at Weston and it was created with the idea of being the marketing link for other small businesses

“I have dedicated my career to building and developing successful companies in many different business fields.”

Hussein El Fakih

Founder of SAW

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