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The business is becoming more competitive every day, differentiate your staff is a strategic element in the market.

Since our inception we have understood this need in small businesses, offering different alternatives in the embellishment of garments, for advertising purposes. The world of fashion and textile embellishment can be very broad, however, as a marketing company we focus on 3 main embellishment methods.

Screen Printing:

It is a method in which a certain amount of prepared ink is applied through a micro mesh, to one of the garments to be embellished, placed firmly in a frame so that it does not move, and thus be able to make a perfect record where it is can apply 1,2,3 & up to 4 colors or more to the same garment in the same machine rotation.

This can usually be done on the Front and Back of the garment, but also, for an additional cost, it can be done practically anywhere on the garment: Sleeves, Necks, Sides, etc.

Usually, we prefer to use this technique for orders greater than 25 pieces, where the art or graphics is the same for each of the pieces.

Press Heat Decoration:

This decoration method is ideal to apply to smaller volume orders, since we can do it for orders as small as 12 pieces and up.

It is basically embellishment with cut or print and cut vinyl, using high-tech printing machines, which allows a vibrant and colorful result to be obtained on top of the piece.

Once the design is obtained using one of the printing and cutting machines, or just cutting, it is passed to a heat press, where with more than 300 degrees the vinyl adheres to the fabric, with a resistance and durability of up to 7 or 8 years. Therefore, it is the ideal method for small companies that need to have their work crew fully identified.


Is the most traditional of the embellishment processes, consist to embroidery logo or brand on the chest of corporate shirts, and this is something that our company continues to offer but limited to a minimum of 12 Pieces

The technique is based on certain computerized machines that interpret each color from a suitable graph and embroider it on the garment according to a color determined by a bobbin of thread.

Our access to machines is very varied, we can count on machines with 4 and 6 heads but depending on the order we can even dedicate up to 100 heads per plant to work in series to obtain fantastic results and in an impressively low time.

The prices will depend on how intricate the graphic is, which is measured in stitches, the number of pieces that you want to decorate and the position of the logo or graphic where you want to apply it.

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Since 2009 we are Signs at Weston and it was created with the idea of being the marketing link for other small businesses

“I have dedicated my career to building and developing successful companies in many different business fields.”

Hussein El Fakih

Founder of SAW

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