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We offer a huge selection of marketing services and products, today businesses are so fast that sometimes you don’t have the time to center yourself and find out what your business really needs to take off with that campaign or even simpler, what color should be used to display your discount prices at your store. At SAW we know there’s way more than these tasks over and over again at your daily basis, that’s why we’ve a complete knowledge of all the materials, services, products and techniques we can offer you and everything with our unique in-house service with state of the art equipment.

  •  Design At SAW you find the partner in the creative process of your marketing campaign, choosing the best logo, color, shapes and fonts on your advertising products that communicates the message that will help customers feel like they made the right decision and creating a sense or trust or authority or affordability or whatever emotions the company wants to be associated with); Typesetting, Preproduction & Proofing
  •  Digital and Commercial Printing Printing is still the most cost effective form of advertising. We can produce effective, stunning and affordable collateral pieces that will reach your target audience with impact taking advantage of the inks and papers that the industry offers.
  •  Business Cards Bearing a business card is the most efficient way to make a personal introduction, to help a possible client retain information vital to your company or brand, as it is great memory aid. Not only being one of the most used and traditional marketing tools out there. It is also the first impression of your brand to the audience’s eyes, so it is important to make it as polished and eye-catching as possible. With our up to date tools in business card production and knowledge we help you make an impression on your clients.
  •  Flyers, Brochures, Postcards More in-depth information of what your company stands for, their goals, achievements and what their focused or based on. It is a great way to get your brand out there, to make an impression on your audience and to secure future sales, SAW helps you to achieve that, working in harmony with our designers that will help you accomplish a design suitable for your brand and your clients.
  •  Presentation Folders Base their success on their ability to organize, to keep important papers on check and to ensure the strengthening of a brand. Businesses use them to make sure that their clients maintain any information granted to them in one place of easy access. In SAW we personalize these folders to suit the expectations and demands of our clients and their audience, with tools, that combined, create the perfect, polished, professional and well-designed folder that fulfills their needs.
  •  Catalog & Booklets Help show what your brand is all about and what it represents. The great thing about them is that they can be directed to a specific type of client inside an audience, it makes sure that your brand knows what future clients want, in other words, it helps your company to fulfill their marketing needs and target costumers that are interested in your company. With the right design, colors, material and sizes, the accomplishment of brand awareness is even closer than you think.
  •  Business Forms Want to exude professionalism in your company? With proper and polished business forms and the help of a great and capable design team you can keep your clients organized in the filling process, ensure a positive impression in your audience’s eyes and a great come back for future sales.
  •  Tickets, Greeting Cards and Door HangersThese products are great for letting the clients know you care, with personally designed greeting cards, to make your brand’s events even better with tickets to a get together produced to fit your specific needs and let the world in to knowing your company with objects that increase the flow of clients through your door with things such as door hangers. All revolving around you and your team’s goals and desires.
  •  EDDM & DM Reaching an entire audience at once, is made possible with the Every Door Direct Mail method because of its efficiency in getting where it needs to go. From small local businesses to grand companies wanting to get their brand out there, EDDM can help to achieve just that. You can reach local businesses or households in a specific area and obtain a whole new client base. You provide the willingness and the drive and SAW provides the printing and design.
  •  Wide Format At SAW your business can afford wide format products, through a variety of substrates, sizes and display options, grand format adds value at critical points in a purchaser’s decision-making process and is more efficient and cost-effective because of its sheer size, it commands attention and receives a high impression count. and allow even more innovative customer solutions with signs that catch eyes and turn heads.
  •  Vinyl Die Cut One of the most popular of decals that are out there. Their infinite use, easy applicability and bright colors is what makes them great. From boats to walls these decals are resistant and very well liked among businesses wanting to stamp things as their own or to make them easily visible to the public. SAW is filled with colors, shapes and sizes, that will spark the interest of clients and friends.
  •  Vinyl Printing Another way to make your brand pop in the eyes of the public, the bigger, the better. VINYL Printing is based on applying a design on a hard, resistant material, that can stand tough weather, maintain its colors and can accommodate a lot of information. If you need to announce the grand opening of your restaurant, let people know the apartments that are soon to be on sale or even a marathon you organized with your team, anything can be announced on a medium to big scale with vinyl printing provided by SAW and its team.
  •  Posters Their simplicity and directness is what charms people into posters, a great, affordable way to get a company’s word out and identifying with a specific public. Promoting your brand in several posters can be a more dynamic spin to publicity and marketing. By placing them in strategic locations it can open the minds of an audience and obtain positive visibility and reactions. With the right tools you can take postering to a whole new level.
  •  Signs & Banners Traditional and an essential part of a company’s marketing strategy, they even become the silent salesman of a business. It’s important to make them as visible and colorful as possible, SAW’s goal is just that. Drawing attention to your company is the most effective way of attracting customers, which can be easily achieved through a perfectly made sign. With a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and materials, we help your brand obtain the visibility it truly deserves.
  •  Window Graphics Expressing your business’s ideas in different ways is essential. That’s why we take advertising to a whole new level by providing companies with the option on window graphics, amazing designs placed on windows, to take full advantage of the space you are working with.
  •  Vehicle Graphics A great way to take your brand’s name everywhere you go and making sure that exposure and awareness is present. Easily identifying your brand on a highway makes future clients pay attention to what your team is capable of. Bright colors and fun designs makes it even better, SAW can create amazing vehicle graphics with their extensive selections of colors and make sure that the designs that you imagine can be placed in the vehicle of your choice for easy advertising and making your brand stand out.
  •  Web Design and Development We develop sites with personality, integrating Social Media with a clear and easy navigation and a fast loading speed for mobile friendly. We offer website redesign, mobile responsiveness and platform changes services as well. If your site is not showing correctly in all devices, we have the most professional team to solve it.
  •   Social Media Management A proper management of your social media is a key issue, and it should be done according to best standards and practices in the industry. Some advantages of having a well managed service is to take the opportunity to spread the word about your products and services and build a brand recognition and trust through our services of Content Creation, Business Page Optimization, Ad Campaign Management, Reputation Management and more.
  •  Signage When the purpose of the marketing campaign is to communicate a message such that the receiver may make cognitive decisions based on the information provided, SAW is your best choice to create and produce signs that vary in form and size based on the location that is going to be place and the intended message, which is classify per its function that could be brand reinforcement, information, direction, identification, safety and regulatory.
  •  Identification The flow of clients to a company is very important, we make sure that your future clients stay on top of where they are able to find you and your team ready to help. We make sure that its accomplished. One of the main things needed by a business with a physical site, is for them to be able to find you, especially if you are located somewhere where there are more than one locale. SAW creates unique and professional identification signs, so that this is accomplished and that your business isn’t compromised in any way. Even the smallest things affect your company’s behavior.
  •  Acrylic Sign They add a polished look to your brand’s sign. SAW is the way to a perfect acrylic sign, sure to catch people’s attention. With special techniques to suit your team, SAW can make it happen.
  •  3D Signs & Routed Signs Great way to switch up your style and to stay relevant in the world of marketing, great and creative spin to ordinary signs, possible with SAW, also an incredible team that helps you convert your ideas into reality. Created with a variety of materials and fonts, 3D signing on the peak of signage.
  •  Parking & Driveway Signs Here at SAW our goal is to achieve all your expectations and that includes having a selection of different ways to express, your brand’s meaning, or a company’s awareness for the safety and responsibility of those around them. SAW takes care of that by fabricating signs that stay on the driver’s mind and makes the world safer, sign by sign.
  •  Displays Marketing is the lifeblood of every business and exhibiting your brand at events, shows, streets, conferences and fairs can be a very profitable choice, SAW offers a wide variety of displays that are far easier to customize and adjust to suit any type of space and give your company a powerful platform for meeting new customers and building a more established reliable brand.
  •  Embelishment Apparel & Promotional Products For companies that are looking to achieve a uniform, professional, sophisticated look for their staff and a way to take the company logo and information wherever they go you must think in garments embellished. Putting all your employees in the same or similar work uniforms will make them easily identifiable in your store. As such, customers will have an easy time finding someone to answer questions, help with a sale, or generally improve their experience in your facility. Anything to improve the customer experience is a positive marketing tool.  in SAW we offer garments from the most important vendors in the industry and a variety of technics such as screen printed, embroidery, press heat and others.
  •  Press Heat Decortation The different ways SAW can produce your business’s apparel, are endless. Being our most common one, press heat decoration are a way to make your logo be seen a lot more by enhancing their features and making them extremely visible for clients to identify you or your product, as well as very profitable. Made with resistant material able to maintain its colors, design and shape intact even after washing thoroughly.
  •  Screen Printed Apparel is a big part of the marketing process, SAW provides different methods to suit a brand’s needs, next to press heat there is the method called screen printing, as effective and cost effective, bases its charm in tradition, instead of using a digitally produced image or design, SAW creates a template and covers it with layers of ink that trace the template of chosen and penetrates apparel to achieve a perfectly made identified product.
  •  Embroidery Traditional, colorful and precise. Embroidery makes apparel and promotional products resistant and polished, achieved by the team at SAW. An infinite range of colors and professional designs to go hand in hand with a team’s standards, accomplishing identification by clients and uniformity in a company.
  •  Short Run Promotional & ASI Products Products to hand out is an amazing and silent way of marketing for brand. SAW has a great range of products that are possibly the way to go at an event, locale or everywhere you go. Marketing is everywhere and it does not own a clock, it’s important to push your brand to its highest standards and that is achieved by using all tools provided, including the production gifts to faithful clients to pens that future clients can take on the go and always having the reminder of a good, loyal company or business.
  •  Packaging A well-designed packaging is often described as the silent sales representative. In SAW we create lightweight and shelves packaging for your products that deals with its nature, size, shape, color and the message printed on it and we produce them strong enough so that it can stand the strain of transportation and hanging, adequate to ensure a long shelf-life and suitable for display. Saw also provides the labels and the custom printed tape that draw attention to your package and alert handlers of special care needs. From paper labels, vinyl digital decals, roll labels and boxes to product exhibitors or displays, everything to make sure the company your company stays relevant to a consumer’s life. Identifying your products or packages makes them personal and attractive, its make your client know that you care about what they think and that their expectations are pleased.

our main products

Large Format Printing

Widely used at store fronts usually applied on the windows, but there are a few more ways to take advantage of this format. One of them is the popular printed banner with U.V. ink resistant, it will last almost forever! and it will be protected inside a retractable banner stand, easy to roll-up and to transport anywhere you need it.

Vehicle Graphics

One of the best ways to capture people’s attention to your brand is when driving, yes! and to have your business vehicles well dressed are as important as a great business card. Not only will the people notice your logo or phone numbers but also they will “read what you’ve to say” so you’ll maybe have just one chance opportunity to communicate your message, so be sure to give us a call prior to have your car graphics done.

Digital Marketing

So imagine you ask your neighbour to run your social media channels all because he’s “really good” at posting memes. Sure, maybe they will look nice but doing that without a branding strategy is like painting a wall and not covering the wholes and cracks first, sooner or later people will notice. Everything respectable behind what you see on the web comes from strategies and clear objectives that have been well thought and planned way before launching them. The Digital Marketing Team at SAW specializes that your message will get through in a way your target will expect.

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digital marketing

Web design and web development

We develop sites with personality, integrating Social Media with a clear and easy navigation and a fast loading speed for mobile friendly. We offer website redesign, mobile responsiveness and platform changes services as well. If your site is not showing correctly in all devices, we have the most professional team to solve it.

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Website and online presence analysis

Strengths and weaknesses are the most important steps to analyze in your website, including your online presence and interaction on other sites like, Facebook & Twitter and opportunities and tactics in your industry.

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Social Media Marketing and Management

A proper management of your social media is a key issue, and it should be done according to best standards and practices in the industry. Some advantages of having a well managed service is to take the opportunity to spread the word about your products and services and build a brand recognition and trust through our services of Content Creation, Business Page Optimization, Ad Campaign Management, Reputation Management and more.

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Email Marketing Packages

Looking for a powerful tool to your campaigns? Email marketing is the answer, it can be used to build brand loyalty, gain insight into your audience and drive sales. We have from start up to monthly packages that include: Reviewing your current data and campaigns, Defining and segmenting your audience, Refining the content, Tailored HTML email, Determining the frequency and creating an email timeline, and more.

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